Call it the way I see it

Why I think Bush is a Failure:

He went to Iraq because it was supposed to be easy, not because it was supposed to be effective. When it turned out not to be easy he had to come up with reason that it was effective. We still have no evidence that the people fighting us in Iraq are the ones that attacked us in 2001. We have put a CIA operative, Allawi, in position to be the de-facto president of Iraq. Just as we put Karzai in the head post in Afghanistan. Nothing has changed from the policies of putting CIA operatives into power in Chile, Honduras, Nicaraugua, Panama… the list goes on. DO we think that nobody knows what the background of these people is? Does the fact that Fox News doesn’t report that Allawi is an expat Iraqi CIA “asset”, mean that nobody knows this? His cousin is Chalabi, whom we ejected from the process due to charges of collaboration with Iran. No conflict there?

The broad questions have not been answered: Where were the freedom fighters, roadside bombs and mortar attacks against Hussein? How is it that Iraqis are more willing to attack a well equipped modern army than a rag tag IRG? Why was there an assumption that the Iraqis would welcome us less than 15 years after we pulled the rug out from under a Sunni uprising that we orchestrated, then abandoned, causing the slaughter of 10’s of thousands of pro-democracy Iraqis? If we knew (which we did) that the Oil for Food program was flawed and that Hussein was skimming the money to fund weapons programs, why didn’t we just appeal to the UN to provide oversight and security? How does killing 100,000 Iraqi citizens make us safer? This list could go on indefinitely…

The assumption that fighting terrorists anywhere is a good idea, regardless of why, is bad policy. He is breeding terrorists, not fighting them. His, and his cabinet’s, failure to recognize this is central to their failure to be effective in sheparding Arab/Israeli peace. As icing, nobody bothered to question if occupying and democratizing Iraq with Great Britain, Israel, and Russia as allies was a bad idea. On the question of the forgotten war: His “success” in Afghanistan is completely fabricated. More territory under the control of warlords and the Afghani opium machine is at full capacity. The Bush administration has been quoting voter registration numbers in Afghanistan that exceed the actual population of the country. These failures undermine their credibility abroad as well as at home.

To be short, Bush has clearly used the tactic of reducing the complexity of the equation to suit his limited ability to deal with chaos and detail. He has worked to split americans on the basis of their faith because governing a plurality is hard. He has worked to split our allies in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle east because achieving consensus is hard. He has split Congress for the same reasons. The election went exactly as he had hoped. A 2% popular majority, and a slim win in the electoral college. He can now put aside the hard task of bi-partisanship and get down to forcing far-right judges onto the supreme court so he can limit the rights of more Americans in the name of God and “security”. I’d feel more secure if we had more freedoms and more security the those inalienable rights. How the gay marriage/union issue is not seen as sexual discrimination, and unconstutuional, is beyond me. One of the partners in the union is clearly being discriminated against because of their gender. Take your pick.

He claims that he cut taxes, but what he did was shift taxes over to the State and Local sectors. In order to pay for unfunded education and homeland security initiatives my taxes have gone up more in those areas than Bush could ever cut them at the Fed level. In a very partisan move, it appears that homeland security funds have been flowing to the Republican suburbs rather than the democratic cities. So rural folks think that their new toys for the local FD are a sign of progress, while the cities are meeting underfunded HS mandates and passing the cost on to the taxpayers. When the bill comes due for all of the stuff that he isn’t paying for in order to finance his tax cuts (Iraq, Soc. Sec., Medicare, NCLB, HS…) he will be long gone and our country will be collectively on welfare. If he is looking to set the pins for the next depression, then he is a success.

He claims that the unemployment rate is low, but the combimed factors of decreased average wage, and the millions of people that don’t show up in the unemployment number because they haven’t found work since being bounced from the unemployment rolls means that we have mnay less people working, and more people working less hours for less money. it is a no-brainer to limit/eliminate tax breaks for companies that outsource jobs beyond our borders. This is how you create and keep jobs, and grow the economy. You don’t do it by trading jobs for imported coal.

Lastly, if he won this election he did it by claiming that a vote for Kerry was a vote for mushroom clouds over Kenosha. Yes, many people voted against Bush instead of “for Kerry”, but a lot of people voted for Bush because they want easy answers and trite soundbites. When I hear the conservatives cry “you weren’t voting for Kerry, you were voting against Bush” it makes me reply “Imagine the fear for the future that it takes for someone to make that decision”. Imagine what must the perception of failure must be for someone to choose the lesser of two evils. Read Closely: More Evil. I’d like to have a president that believes in the Constitution before the Bible. Faith is great, but to lead America, and not just the far right of political America, you have to have a belief in the primacy of the constitution in relation to the office of the President. Bush has not shown that he can do this. I don’t trust any president who doesn’t have the guts to face a live audience of the complex quilt of lives that are Americans. In the campaign for the presidency in 2004 GWB failed to address a crowd that hadn’t been made to take a loyalty oath before being admitted to the arena. Brown Shirts, 50% off. If you think that is extreme then do some research into policial control and propaganda.

He might be a president, but he isn’t my president. I know a chump and a cheater when I see one, and no amount of propaganda will blind me to what I see with my own eyes.


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