A few good links

Here are a few links that I have really been enjoying:

Altweeklies is a great daily collection of articles from alternative weekly newpapers. This site is a definite daily habit.

Arts and Letters Daily is a really nice site with a more refined approach to Altweeklies and it predates it by quite a few years. This always has something tasty.

Dan Froomkin’s White House Briefing RSS link You can see this at the Washington Post site, but RSS is really easier. Dan writes one of the best news capsules around. He has a good BS detector. I’m a fan.

I have been doing a little writing for the bass player’s ultimate newsfeed Big Bottom. Dale Cruse is the master of ceremonies and there is always something cool afoot there.

and last for now:
New Haven Improvisors Collective is an organization of sorts, dedicated to improvised music. They have monthly workshops and occasional public performances. Check them out!

That’s it for now.

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