Lipbone Redding

Lipbone was playing at my new favorite hang in Raleigh, The Pour House 30 taps, and a concrete bar. So nice.

And Lipbone Redding:

Lipbone is like Dr. John meets Al Green meets Pops. He does this lip-trombone/trumpet playing that is off the hook, and his show is a load of fun. please check him out. He is worth the trip, for sure. His trio was stripped drum kit and upright bass, with him on lipbone, guitar, and vocals. Check out the tunes on his site and enjoy. “Santiago” sounds a little jammy but it comes off more like party-soul in person.

This is where I, actually everyone in the club, encountered Jerome. He looks like the Michael Vick mugshot that we all know is coming soon, and has a good soul. He danced with the ladies, extracted some cash from the kind, and returned with good news about his sick mom, etc… We talked some college basketball (yes, David Thompson was the best ever), and I went back to the hotel to chill and write these blog entries.

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