Raleigh, #2

So now it is Monday. I went to the Pour House, 30 taps and a very nice place, though you have to dig concrete and dingieness to like it. I like it. I caught a cool band: T-Rox and the Skankasaurs http://myspace.com/trocandtheskankosaurs

I introduced myself to the bass player and he asks me “have you heard of Me First and the Gimme Gimme’s”… which makes me gasp because I totally did them and all cover rock in general. Not bad “we sound like Night Ranger” cover rock, but covers in a different feel covers. Well, these guys are like a ska version of Me First. They opened for a party rock outfit and blew them away. That is hard to say since the two bands share a few members, including said bass player. But that is how it went down, IMO.

I asked the bartender at the Pour House about my experience at Tir Na Nog (yes, I expected it to be like the Nog in Boston), and it turns out that I stumbled into a Mexican wedding for one of their employees. Now it makes sense. It doesn’t make it less like a Twin Peaks episode in my memory, but at least I have a frame of reference.

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