Yeah, I got sent to Raleigh (That’s Rawwww-lehhh, y’all), for a air emissions inventory conference, and I get in on a Sunday evening. After getting checked in I took a walk around the city center to see what is what. Well, for one it is like a neutron freakin bomb went off here on a sunday night. I know desolate, being familiar with Hartford, CT and all. But there weren’t even enough people to make me fear for my safety! Like, who was gonna mug me? I found this irish bar… nice looking place but something was odd. Tir Na Nog on Blount Street… with blasting mexican music and lots of kids running around at 10pm on a Sunday night. Very David Lynch. The burger I had was not good. But I’ll get back to this. I pounded a few Sierra Nevadas with my steam table burger and hit the streets.. again… desolate.

There is a lot of construction here and a lot of closed off streets. The word is that they have just opened a few, but it is still like a disaster area. It gets better, read on.

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