what, no photos?

OK, I wussed out and didn’t bring any camera here to Raleigh. I wanted to travel light, and left my Nikon D50, and the Sony point-and-shoot, at home. My bad.. kinda. I really like just observing and not taking pictures sometimes. But this trip has afforded me some wild photo ops that i had to pass up due to lack of gear. So the result is that I have no pics, just words to try and convey how I have negotiated this new place.

Pics that I have passed up:

a great cockroack shot!

a pic of the bartender at Pour House that lived in my hometown of Southington!

a pic of Raleigh’s answer to Automatic (cafe nine folks get it), Jerome
(he’s actually a lot more intersting than Automatic)

pics of Lipbone Redding (I’ll make up for this when he plays in CT next time)

pics of Cooper’s BBQ here in downtown, where they make a great chopped pork sammich

and probably more before I leave here.

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