iPhone, uPhone…..

Took the plunge on an iPhone a few months ago. Great device, acceptable service through ATT, top notch integration with my MacBook, and super reliable. I thought that the jailbreak had a good chance of being fussy and unstable. Wrong. Seamless, and it really dud make the iPhone into more of a microlaptop. Themes, font control, apps, and more. Even without any hacks like VOIPover3G, it is worth it just to replace that horrible font in Notes. Apple makes some great stuff, but the control over user experience garbage is bullshit. Allowing some tweaks, or an expert mode, would go a long way toward improving the experience without needing to go all jailbreak on a top notch device.

Coming soon: some iPhone app posts, upcoming music events, and maybe a new post-mortem on Zappanale 20.

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