Good v. Gooder

I have been using both my big brick of a Nikon D300 for a few years now, and I love it.  Fantastic image quality, great handling, and great glass (even my old beater of a 18-70DX). The problem is, as I said, the brick-like nature of most DSLR’s.  The price for semi-pro performance.  I refuse to hang the thing off my neck, so it lives in a ThnkTank Speed Freak bag, and is great if you don’t mind the weight toll.

But due to my low-budget upbringing I grew up using rangefinders, usually cheap rangefinders, and developed an appreciation for the smaller, lighter, faster handling gear.  After waiting for point and shoot cameras to adopt a decent sensor, I picked up a Canon G10.  I love that camera, but truth be told, the images just aren’t up to the D300.  What they are is very good by most standards.  If you shoot in RAW mode, they are really quite good, and almost DSLR quality.  The 12MP sensor was a bit too far, which Canon corrected with the G11.  That is where the G10 falls down.  The crap low light performance rears its ugly head in all kinds of situations like shadow detail, overall dynamic range, and a kind of fresnel distortion.

So while it sounds like I’m bitching about the G10, I am not.  It is a great little camera, travels easy, has a great control layout, good+ optics, and gets the job done.  Having the time to use it alongside and alternating with a big, nasty, Nikon has been very educational.

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