The sound of the OTHER shoe dropping…

How many damn shoes does SEBAC have to drop, anyhow?  Apparently a lot of them.  This week we were treated to a major bylaws revision, along with a waiver for a 30-day notification requirement for bylaw changes.  As I reminded my friendly union chapter president today, I predicted that SEBAC would do whatever the needed to do to get the outcome they wanted.  If it means rolling in shit, then by gosh, roll in shit.  I mean, once you are covered in shit it can’t get much worse.  The main debate seems to be over the “why” question.  On the face of it, one could come to the conclusion that this is a way of telling the members “the deal was fine, the problem is with YOU”.  Those of a right-wing anti-union bent feel that this is a monument to political backscratching, giving Governor Malloy the “win” at all costs.  The SEBAC mantra of “save jobs, protect public services” just doesn’t have the cache it used to.

What we are awaiting now is news of how SEBAC will approach ratification of an agreement.  Will they pursue a revote on the old agreement, a vote on a newer “clarified” agreement, or just sweep in the old agreement under the new rules using the previous voting results?  Or some completely unpredictable approach?!?!

Stay tuned…

P.S. if SEBAC doesn’t mind a little more “mud” in their eye, they should vote to restore the old voting rules after this debacle is resolved.

2 responses to “The sound of the OTHER shoe dropping…

  1. Malloy wants a resolution ‘yesterday’. A new campaign/revote will take weeks to do.
    The Gang of 15 will look at ‘new surrender’ and vote our best interests as our ‘representatives in good standing’ under new rules.
    Whether we like it or not.

    • That is entirely possible. I don’t think anyone actually *knows* what will happen, but I think we can agree that it will be messy and leave a lot of people upset. As well, if you have been more than a bystander in a SEBAC member union you know what the deal is with SEBAC. It is not like your elected chapter or council leadership, or even the elected leadership of your particular union. “Bargaining Agent Coalition” is descriptive. They bargain on behalf of the member unions, with the participation of representatives of the member unions. You really only hear about SEBAC in cases where the long term collective bargaining agreement, in this case SEBAC 1997, is being modified.

      As an aside, The people who complain about how they weren’t asked for their opinion prior to the 2011 negotiations are full of shit. They weren’t asked for their opinion in 2009, or any of the other concession packages, and all six of them passed under the original voting rules. You elect union leadership, that leadership represents you to SEBAC, along with hired Executive Directors, and they are re-elected or rehired based on their performance. If the mudwrestling exhibition that SEBAC 2011 has become is too distasteful, those SEBAC reps will pay at the ballot box, and/or at contract time.

      Thanks for the comment. I hope you continue to stay informed and keep some kind of open mind about this process. It deserves that much, at least.