Worky Work, Busy Bee

Just a quick post to say that my trip to the Rochefort festival is going great. I’m busier than a “one armed paper hanger with the crabs”, as Adam Schwartz would say. I’m playing a lot of cool music, meeting great people, and the food is excellent. My new French bandmates are like old friends already. Charly Doll is a complete manimal on the drum kit, and Nicolas Mignot is a top shelf guitarist. Benoit Moerlen is just knocking out sick marimba parts like nobody’s business. Did I mention the food? oh, the wine is outstanding, and they don’t send the good stuff our way unless the price is right. A 5€ bottle of wine here is not to be avoided. amazing. Much more to report soon…

One response to “Worky Work, Busy Bee

  1. Outstanding, Pete! Can’t wait to see the pics, hear the stories, and sample the tracks. Be safe and have a blast.