GOP to Women: Lay Back, Relax, and Let God Do The Rest

“If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.” – Todd Akin

As a biologist I find that astonishing, and there is a dark humor akin to seeing a caveman on a dinosaur.  As a human I am nauseated.  However…

Thanks to Todd Akin for blowing the cover of people like presumptive VP Candidate Ryan and his pal Mittens.  Now we don’t have to worry that there will be the usual “silence is golden” approach to campaign season.  Candidates will not only have to make public statements regarding their views on reproductive rights, but their voting records will be front and center.  Expect a lot of dodging and weaving from folks like Paul Ryan as they try to distance themselves from Todd Akin while they wink and nod themselves into a virtual Grand Mal to the religious right wing.

Pure and simple: they don’t care if it was your brother, your daddy, or a stranger in an alley… they want to be sure that a raped woman has no access to an abortion.  Any public statement to the contrary MUST be backed up with proof of legislative protections they support and have supported with a vote.  Otherwise it is pure bullshit and backpedaling.  And just in time for hurricane season: the GOP Convention features an anti-abortion plank that is unequivocally inflexible on the subject.

One response to “GOP to Women: Lay Back, Relax, and Let God Do The Rest

  1. Interestingly, the states with the highest rates of incest are red states, including AK, AL, and MS.

    Republican family values. How sweet.