A “snob” teaser

I lent my copy of “The Enlightened Cyclist:Commuter Angst, Dangerous Drivers, and Other Obstacles on the Path to Two-Wheeled Trancendence” to my friend Dave, and he just left for a vacation and I might not have a chance to retrieve that book for over a month… so I won’t be doing a review of this book any time soon.  Two non-book-reviews in one day!  It’s a Festivus Miracle!

I’ll say this: fast read, kinda funny, addresses many important issues, and not just re-purposed blog posts like his first book!  I have a feeling that won’t make the dust jacket of the second edition.

It still has plenty of whiny shit about how everyone else is a jerk, so run out and buy it right away.  Or not.

It brings up a lot of interesting questions, even if some of it is tangential, about how bicyclists create their own hell, how they might make things better for themselves and other bicyclists, and how they might gain some parity with the drivers of automobiles.  And monkeys fly out of his butt…  And surely the more reflective bicyclist will find a lot of “ah-ha” recognition in this great tome.  Sadly, the people he bitches about would sooner take an angle grinder to their artisinally curated hipster doofus status symbol of a fixie-urban-bake-feets than read a single word that doesn’t deify their salmoning, cat-6-ing, shoaling egos.

That said, it is written for a minority of bicyclists who give a fuck.  And while they have their problems, they aren’t *the* problem.  I hope it does more than prop up an already smuglier-than-thou readership.  I truly hope it does.

(read an actual review of this book here)

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