JETS Corner!

Before I start in on an Election Eve blog post, I’d like to get something out in the open about the New York Jets of the National Foosball League:

They have been worse each successive year under coach Rex Ryan and GM Mike Tannenbaum. Sure they had playoff wins in years 1 and 2, but year 3 was a disaster, and this year looks to be worse. Maybe, just maybe, that is because Rex Ryan is yet another example of a very good coordinator who is useless as a head coach. Cue up Norv Turner footage here. I would also accept Romeo Crennel as a valid example.

Even the casual fan knows that the Jets went cheap on players, left gaping holes in personnel on both sides of the ball (including special teams) and can’t seem to find a way to integrate this newfangled thing they call the “forward pass” into their offensive playbook. That’s OK. It’s probably just a fad. What did they acquire? A passive aggressive media hog named Tim Tebow, who despite being “a hell of a football player” can’t get on the field. You would think that when your team is being embarrassed, at home, facing a second divisional loss in as many weeks, against your offensive coordinator’s ex-team, you might hand the “kid” the ball for 15 minutes and see what he can do. No. You would take the loos with stoic resolve, and promise to eat extra spinach for two weeks. Oh, you play the Seahawks in Seattle… and damn if they don’t look just like the playoff Jets teams of 2009-10! Right down to a running back and special-teamer named Leon Washington. Oh, and that guy who had a cup of coffee as Jets coach? Pete Whasshizzname? Yeah, he can actually coach. Prediction: Jets 10, Seahawks 38.

[11/11/12 Update… actual score: Jets 7, Seahawks 28. I’ll take credit for getting this one right. ]

Before the trading deadline, the decision looked easy: Trade Tebow and Sanchez for picks. Good Picks. Mr. T gets one chance to role-play as Scoot Pioli, and attempt to bring actual football players to the Jets franchise. Rex Ryan gets the keys to the street, and people who actually have talent an ability compete for his job. Now, that is off the board.

Time to go back into hiding and wait to see if the Jets see their shadow on draft day. If not, Jet-Winter can be safely predicted to last another decade.

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