Ramblin’ Man

As a kind of penance for that rambling post where I grope for answers to Romney’s unfinished agendizing… a quick one about Fiscal Cliff Diving:

If the whole “Party of No” kabuki festival isn’t about making sure that a Democratic president doesn’t get to fix the problems left by George W Bush, then what the fudge is it about?  The whole “one term agenda” meeting back in 2009 would be funny if it wasn’t real.  What is being done by John Boehner et. al. is failing to solve problems that America desperately needs to solve, failing to improve on things America really needs to improve on, failing the American people both as individuals and collectively, and the punch line is that this cowardice has failed to make Barack Obama a one-term president.  So when you hear the GOP rhapsodize about the massive problems this country faces, please remember that we faced them back in 2008, we know who caused them, they cost the GOP the presidency, those problems are larger and more complex today, and the GOP has ensured that those problems were not and will not be constructively addressed.

Playing “pause button” until the next election is criminal, and it won’t change as long as the GOP lacks even one member with a shred of conscience.

Have a nice day.

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