Jets Corner – 2 December 2012

The NY Jets  won in the most depressing way possible: with a combination of false hope and a slab of raw meat for the New York media.

First, Congrats to Greg McElroy for a successful relief appearance.  Mark Sanchez wasn’t the problem and McElroy isn’t the solution, but it was a better outcome than having the kid melt down.  The Jets have major structural problems and it isn’t out of the question that putting a fresh set of eyes in the backfield will yield short term results.  It is likely that Sanchez is just plain burnt out on the crapola play-calling and the sub-par offensive talent he has been subjected to for two years now.  OTOH, McElroy is not much more than pancake makeup on a nasty bruise… the damage is still there.

The deal with the Media Frenzy that started immediately upon McElroy walking onto the field is this: If you wished that the brain-dead chatter of the “fiscal cliff” had a sports-based doppelganger, you are in luck!  Prepare to hear the same dopes who couldn’t be bothered to do any actual reporting on the NFL get a free pass and not bother to do any actual reporting on this mess.  Right about the time that fans started to connect the dots between Woody Johnson‘s massive IRS debt and the regression in the quality of his NFL team’s personnel, you now have a shiny new distraction to blind you.

In short, this is a great example of how nothing important can happen, but the news media gets to turn it into miles of junk-news.

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