FUD for Thought

There is an obvious rationale behind the GOP’s refusal to raise taxes on the wealthy:

If they allow it to happen, and it is successful in bringing the country’s accounts into balance, the GOP goes down in history as the flat-earthers they are. As long as they can keep the question open, and stick to debunked top-down economic policies, they can wait for some other force to come to the rescue and then claim victory. Either way, their base can keep the siphon of profiteering flowing, and that = Endless Super Pac Buffet.

FWIW I find it ironic that not only is the GOP sticking to their losing platform from the 2012 electons, but they are basically asking the president to accept their positions and inflict their damage on his base. It would be funny if it wasn’t true. They talk a lot of shit about treating the 2012 Election like a war, including their cabal to strangle the political process for four years to weaken the President, but when they lose they want the victor to accept their terms. Meanwhile in the major US media, “the band played on”.

Have a Nice Day.

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