Winter Is Over If You Want It

It looks like the winter of 2012/13 is finally winding down. My yardstick that “you don”t get too wound up about spring until after Easter” is up against the earliest Easter in quite some time. So while we might get a dose of snow again, it won’t be much and it won”t stay long.

As I get older I can see the beauty in living in a place with a more moderate climate. Less extremes. Better temps. Less mosquitos. Less poison-ivy. But then we get a beautiful New England spring day and I forget all that. Yeah, I would love to give Maui a shot for a year or two. I have the feeling that it would not, as some suspect, “get boring”. It could also be a win/win from a physical perspective. Either I would skip winter weight gain all together, or I would just bulk up and tan up and melt in with the local populace. Mahalo, Bra!

But until that opportunity presents itself I will be content with the weird life of a Yankee, sitting on a beach blanket in jeans and a hoodie drinking hot coffee to stay warm. Nobody goes to the beach in the summer, it’s too crowded! Yogi knew it. You should too.

[If you are ok with Flash-heavy websites, I heartily recommend WeatherSpark for weather graphics and such. Killer website, very good presentation of information. Tufte would approve…. though an iPhone version would be nice]

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