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New Home for IZH Target Pistol Site

A Note from Ross Chesley at StarReloaders:

Hi Pete,

I wanted to follow up to confirm the IZH contents are being hosted at this URL:


As of this time, I am still working to pull in more information and create new content.

Since I don’t have the ability to recreate the izh subdomain, this post, and others spreading the word, will have to suffice as re-direction to the new site.

Dear IZH-35M folks

I notice that I am being hit with a lot of IZH searches on my new host, so I assume that there will be a question as to what happened to izh.petebrunelli.com. I dropped my old hosting service, scrapped the subdomain,  and as a result my IZH site has no home. I can try to hand off the content and someone else can host it. Otherwise, it was nice while it lasted.

[update as of 01/21/2011: it looks like a new host is stepping up, so look for info on the new address soon]

(to those who are scratching their heads: I had compiled information about a Russian .22 caliber target pistol, the Baikal IZH-35M, that I used for a year or two back in 2000-2001-ish, and it had become a very well used internet resource)