Wide Right! Wide Right!

Doctor Dark, in a quartet form, made the trip to Buffalo, NY for the weekend to play a gig with Zappa-philes Voice of Cheez. We were “hospitalitized” by the lovely and talented Kilissa Cissoko. After our 7 hour, 400+ mile road trip she hooked us up with some amazing “gumbo variations” with rice, and we got a bit of downtime before heading to Nietzsche’s for the gig. Nietzsche’s is a really great venue that I would love to have as my neighborhood hang. The folks there were the best, and major props to Kenny the soundguy for his patience and his bitchin’ coffee. Thanks, Kenny. And not least… “Hats Off” to PJ the doorman!

We had a pretty complete case of road trip exhaustion but gave it our all, and hope that the Beefheart freaks that stayed had a good time. We got a chance to listen to the board tape and it went a lot better than we thought. 1000 miles in the bag and we made some friends and heard VOC really kick ass on our favorite FZ music. These guys are *good*, really good.

I don’t know if anybody took pics. We had our hands full just making the road trip and didn’t manage to bring a camera. If you have any photographic evidence, send it along to us at doctordark@snet.net

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