Scientist, musician, photographer, layabout, and knave…

5 responses to “About”

  1. Pete,
    Is that you? The Doot man from the past? Drop me a line

    Father Gino

    1. Yep! It’s me! I’ll ping you with an email, and meanwhile I am posting some new stuff pretty often these days.

  2. Hey Pete!

    It’s Eric Slick, the ghost of Christmas Past.
    Just wanted to shoot you some videos of me playing Beefheart recently (with Jesse Krakow, Gary Lucas, and others):

    Hope you’re well. I dig yer bloggy.

    Eric Slick

  3. Pete!!
    Is this THE Pete Brunelli, former co-captive of N. Freuden & Company, former denizen of the back-room lab, and formerly sworn to Enviro-Silence?
    Nice blog, man.

    Joe V.

    1. Yep! That’s me. How weird, because I have a friend at EnviroMed and we were talking shop last week, and I asked him about EnviroScience. Most of what I remember was the desperation, and that the two people who left when I left were heading off to be a Camp Counselor (Amy?) and manning a fire lookout tower (Greg?), and I was a week away from enrolling in massage therapy school before landing a job at GTI! Daummmmmmmm! Scary Shit.

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