Day 3.. continued

My main observation about this gig is that you can only control your instrument and feel, everything else is out of your hands. We had a cold and we crowd, who had just heard the diametric opposite of what we do, and they dug it. Can’t beat that with a stick. Because of the delay we not only had time for our full set, but for a second encore. We pulled out a few blusier nuggets, Plastic Factory and Sure Nuff and Yes I Do, to finish things off. I think we ended with Plastic Factory, which is a nice way to go out.

Once off stage the feeling was kinda unreal. I got to sit in on the interview that Peter Van Larhoven was doing with Steve, and then Bill showed up to get some face time in. Peter did interviews which were taped, but also shown on the closed circuit feed during changeovers. He is a very funny guy, which is why I only have funny looking pictures of him. His wife Ing spent some time talking with Sandy and they got along very well. Again, Lots of nice people.

After our set was Metropolis Orchestra. They were excellent and I eneded up hanging out with their guitar player, max, on Sunday. He is like many Italians that I have met from the north, very kind and very opinionated. His reaction to me saying that my grandmother is from Bari was priceless. Something along the lines of “Farmers!”. True. But he would eat well at my grandmother’s house.

The PGSORM kids performed their Pink Floyd set to close out the night. I think that I was too wiped out to get into it. They had a nice selection of tunes, and their version of Interstellar Overdrive was off the hook, but I was starting to crash. They only had beer, not espresso, at that point so I was better of sleeping.

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