Be careful what you ask for…

That is my advice “du jour” for Governor… uh… President Bush. With W’s latest collapse under duress I think that he might want to be careful about badmouthing the “soft bigotry of low expectations” because right now it is the country’s low expectations of him as a president that is keeping the enraged peasants with pitchforks and torches away from Crawford. It might be reverse bigotry, but it is bigotry none the less. Nobody expects a silver spoon fed chickenhawk to be a man when the time comes. We expect lies, excuses, and diversionary tactics. To me, that is the lowest of low expectations. Poppy might have bailed him out of bad business decisions, DUI charges, active military DUTY, and gawd knows what else… But a phone call to daddy ain’t gonna fix this mess. If I have a good piece of news for the president it is that I have been looking to God more often thanks to his incompetence. Faith based initiative, indeed.

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