Musically speaking…

I took a sabbatical from playing music (instruments that is, not listening) during 2008. I really wasn’t feeling it, and felt that my job and family needed the additional focus. I’ve taken breaks from it before. This time I had other “old guy” concerns… my hands are kinda trashed from early arthritis and years of rock climbing, construction, cooking… They take a lot longer to get limber, if at all. I have a very different approach (not like Les Paul, gritting out beautiful playing with two claws for hands, but I was never that good and will never be that good) but that’s the way it has been going lately anyhow. The more time I spend around music the more I focus on the structure of instrumentation, arrangement, form, interplay, rhythmic elements… as being the “forest”, and I am less concerned with the trees. While my enthusiasm for playing has picked up, the intent has changed. Whether I can make that audible is another issue entirely.

I’m in the process of planning DOOT! performances at Zappanale 20, this August in Germany. Meanwhile DOOT! is collaborating with our international band of mystery, developing some kind of group cohesion for a performance which might have one rehearsal associated with it. I LOVE that kind of stuff. Here’s to the forest!

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