A Step Towards Resolution

First, I have been keeping an informal tally of what I got right, and what I got wrong about the public employee situation here in Connecticut. I’m running about 50% it is easy to be cynical about a process after 20 years of Rowland/Rell, and so far I have misjudged both sides in that light.

Dan Malloy held a presser to announce an agreement between the State and SEBAC, and it looks like all the options were thrown in the pot. 20 year benefit agreement, 4 year no-layoff, wage concessions, no furloughs… Next week there will be much more detail available, but Malloy discussed the rough framework and gave SEBAC time to get the details out to their members. This will be a wild ride, especially because Malloy laid the Plan-B budget out there. It takes a lot of the mystery out of rejecting the deal for people who believe that they will keep their jobs, and want the salary bump they would get if the deal is rejected. Cynical, yes. Reality, Yes. My hope is that we get the deal done.

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