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Why you should ignore Lance Armstrong

There is a habit among many in the mainstream media, and an outright addiction in sports journalism: “pacing the story”

If you go to the heart of the matter up front you undercut your ability to milk a story using incremental updates over a week or more, filling a lot of column inches or hours of talking-head TV and radio programming.  I hate that, which is one of many reasons I am a bad candidate for conventional journalism.

So I’ll condense Lance-gate: The people who want to use the legal system to recover money from Lance can’t get their money if he is prevented from being Lance Armstrong, Inc.  So get off his back and let him earn a living, and then US Postal and the Times of London and all the other people whinging about how they were “taken” can find some meat on the bones if they win in court.  Otherwise they get symbolic victories, and no actual cash.

Got it?  Good.  Now we can all avoid being taken for a ride on the Lance-coaster, and not have to watch him tightrope his way through his half-assed “confession” with Oprah.

This whole Lance-charade is a personal-scale take on “too big to fail”.  Remember that if I owe you a few hundred dollars you might just have me whacked and cut your losses.  If I owe you a million(s) you are going to to put much more value on my continued well being.  Consider it “Citizens United” through the looking glass. Personal Corporate-hood.

You can read all about it next week after the requisite media buffet-line has been satisfied.

Adios LIE-berman

I’m pretty sure you won’t read many poison pen pieces on Joe Lieberman at this, the time of his retirement from the US Senate.  As well, I won’t write one at this time either.  But I would like to say that I don’t think he had a huge friend-base on both sides of the aisle.  I think he was masterful in hedging his bets on both sides of the aisle.

Did you think I could keep away from this topic? PSYCH!

Dana Milbank of the Washington Post gives Joe a teary send off, in what is, due to the sentimentality and lack of facts, thankfully an opinion piece.  It completely mishandles the reality of his 2006 primary loss, and how integral Dick Cheney and the RNC were in securing his re-election.  It whitewashes how forcefully he has repeatedly stabbed his supporters, his electorate, in the back in the name of “principle”.  It takes a pass on the depth of the sham of his “Independent Democrat” schtick.  It also ignores how little he has done, how small he has been, in the way of public discourse since 2006 while all of his hated “partisanship” has been ravaging the nation.  Much like his other Monday Morning Quarterback calls on issues like Monicagate and Iran, and Israel for that matter, his farewell speech is too little, too late, and poses no danger of changing anything.

See ya, Joe.  I don’t think anyone will even notice your absence.

Jets Corner – 2 December 2012

The NY Jets  won in the most depressing way possible: with a combination of false hope and a slab of raw meat for the New York media.

First, Congrats to Greg McElroy for a successful relief appearance.  Mark Sanchez wasn’t the problem and McElroy isn’t the solution, but it was a better outcome than having the kid melt down.  The Jets have major structural problems and it isn’t out of the question that putting a fresh set of eyes in the backfield will yield short term results.  It is likely that Sanchez is just plain burnt out on the crapola play-calling and the sub-par offensive talent he has been subjected to for two years now.  OTOH, McElroy is not much more than pancake makeup on a nasty bruise… the damage is still there.

The deal with the Media Frenzy that started immediately upon McElroy walking onto the field is this: If you wished that the brain-dead chatter of the “fiscal cliff” had a sports-based doppelganger, you are in luck!  Prepare to hear the same dopes who couldn’t be bothered to do any actual reporting on the NFL get a free pass and not bother to do any actual reporting on this mess.  Right about the time that fans started to connect the dots between Woody Johnson‘s massive IRS debt and the regression in the quality of his NFL team’s personnel, you now have a shiny new distraction to blind you.

In short, this is a great example of how nothing important can happen, but the news media gets to turn it into miles of junk-news.