so ya say you wanna point a finger?

Go point one at the Democratic legislators in the 11 states that managed to get measures on the ballot banning gay marriage. If there was no strategist at the DNC that didn’t see this trap and move to stop it, then the entire staff should resign, en masse. My feelings are that the banning of gay unions (marriage is a religious institution, unions are a personal choice) is a setback for personal freedom in the land of the free, and can be framed as a simple gender discrimination issue. In fact I can’t think of another time in the modern (post-slavery, post-suffrage) era where a presidential candiaite ran on a platform of stripping citizens of rights and got popular support. The fact is that these referenda mobilized more bushies to go to the polls than any stump speech or campaign trail promise. Shame on the political weaklings that allowed this to pass.

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