New Year!

Well, we got a little action on Johnny “Handout” Rowland, and his guilty plea last week, As usual he loved burying his crimes in things like rah rah statements about all the “good” he has done, and things like slow news days and holidays. His Christmas surprise of 3,000 layoffs comes to mind. But to think that this chump didn’t get a handout from his fratboy in chief pal in the White House is to be naive. How do you figure that the Federal prosecutors have enough evidence to take his chiefs of staff (Ellef and Alibozek), Peter Ellef’s Son, and William Tomasso to trial, but somehow they take Rowland at his word that he was a patsy. Disgusting. I have a lot of respect for people like Nora Dannehy of the Fed, but I can’t believe that this was what they wanted.

I hope that the new year sees some way for the Stare of Connecticut to recoup some of the tens of millions of dollars wasted by John Rowland and his cabal of incompetents.

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