Happy Festivus

Every year it gets harder to really celebrate “the holidays”. I’m all for any good reason to get together with family and friends, but something (me, probably) really has changed. Part of it is probably that the “Thanksgiving rule” for when to start Christmas music commercials has gone the way of the dodo. I heard the first one of the year back around Halloween. Fuckers. If you remember “Hey Now” Hank Kingsley (played by genius actor Jeffrey Tambor) from the old Larry Summers show, then you know where I’m coming from on that. Fuckers.

Anyhow. These things happen. It is a time for the kids, and I spoil the kids in my life pretty well. Not all the time, but around the holiday season I can get away with it under the banner of holiday cheer. I’d like to wish the best everyone who I won’t get to see over the next month or so. I do that most of the year anyhow, but this time with feeling.

So gather ’round the aluminum pole, air grievances, explore the feats of strength, and don’t feel like you are beyond marking your own holiday tradition. Speaking of which, my pal Nate sent me a link to his pal (my iPal on Myspace, etc…) fossilapostle and his groovy new holiday sensation: Zappadan Ain’t it funky now?

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